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SRM Ergometer incl. the Mobile Support System (MSS)

The so called SRM – High Performance Ergometer, was developed in cooperation with the German Cycling Federation (BDR), with Peter Keen of the British Cycling Federation and with Dr. Wolfgang Stockhausen of the University Hospital of Freiburg.

The idea was, to build a precise and scientific reliable Ergometer which can withstand and measure the maximal torque of the world’s strongest cyclists.

The SRM – Ergometer is used by prestigious universities and performance diagnosticians for scientific problems in the laboratory, for exercise psychological research and also as a training tool to guarantee professional training supervision with high validity.

It doesn’t matter which kind of cyclist you are, if you are a sprinter or a triathlete, the SRM – Ergometer allows you to optimize your individual bike position. That’s why it has standard bike parts (handlebars, saddles, cranks etc.) and different sized fly masses integrated.

As a result, the kinetic energy can be simulated and used for a wide range of different test profiles. The goal is, that by riding on the SRM – Ergometer, you come as close as possible to real bike riding and simulate different profiles like flat or uphill riding.

The control of the mechanical construction of the Ergometers brakes is done by a specially programmed SRM – Software. This Software offers the user a great flexibility when it comes to programming own training protocols via the Ergometer.

For training purposes and also for performance diagnostics you can generate isokinetic as well as hyperbolic tests for any kind of bike rider. The control through the software gives the possibility to program ramp protocols, all kinds of incremental stress tests and training intervals for BMX-, Track- and Road cyclists as well as Mountain biker and Sprinter.

The centerpiece of the SRM – High Performance Ergometer is the SRM PowerMeter science, which reaches a scientifically acknowledged accuracy of ± 0.5 %.

Technical data

Technical data of the SRM-Ergometer

The technical key features of the SRM – High Performance Ergometer are the following,

  • SRM–Ergometer with integrated SRM - Training System Science Version (data accuracy ± 0.5 %)
  • The frame is welded out of high strength aluminum profile parts
  • Oscillating mounted gear box with eddy current brake and variable fly mass. Because of the oscillating bearing there is not much sound
  • The eddy current brake is controlled by a power supply with +/- 24 volts
  • Breaking power: from 20 up to 2000 Watt; short term even up to 4000 Watt
  • Two changeable fly masses with 14 – gears of the Rohloff hub that simulate kinetic energy and the sensation of cycling at high speeds realistically and which can be adjusted to the athlete’s weight to allow the maximum simulation of real conditions
  • Saddle position and handlebars can be adjusted to any position for cyclists between 140 and 200 cm height
  • Close Q – Factor of 151 mm
  • Individually adjustable crank length from 150 mm-190 mm, in steps of 2.5 mm
  • Isokinetic and hyperbolic operation mode programmable
  • Easy change and assembling of standard bike parts (different crank lengths, pedals, handlebars, saddles, chain rings, etc.)
  • The SRMWin-Software for ease of programming tests and for data analysis is included in the package
  • With the serial port it is possible to control the protocol by an external device like CPX/CPET, EKG or other medical devices which are compatible with the "ergoline” protocol
  • The weight is around 100 kg to guarantee stability
  • On the front there are two wheels on which you can roll or transport the Ergometer (after you lifted the rear part)

Compatibility to medical systems

With the new serial port connection it is possible to control the protocol by an external device like CPX/CPET, EKG or other medical devices which are compatible with the "ergoline” protocol. In the following lines you find some testet devices whch work with the ergometer properly.



Logo CareFusion(klein).jpg

  • SRM Ergometer is compatible with CareFusion systems
  • CareFusion Software is able to note the actual load
  • SRM Ergometer is also compatible with GE (EKG SW)
  • GE SW is able to note the actual load


Image cortex (klein).jpg

  • SRM Ergometer is compatible with Cortex systems and Metasoft
  • The SRM Ergometer can be connected by the "Ergoline Ergometrics er800s"interface in the Cortex Toolbox
  • The real SRM power and cadence date will be displayed in the Cortex Software Metasoft and saved in breath-by-breath file


Image cosmed (klein).jpg

  • SRM Ergometer is compatible with Cosmed systems
  • Cosmed Software is able to note the actual load


Logo-geratherm (klein).jpg

  • SRM Ergometer is compatible with Blue Cherry Software (Geratherm software)
  • Blue Cherry Software controlls SRM Ergometer
  • Blue Cherry Software isn´t able to note the actual load
  • Amedtec EKG Software is able to note the actual load
  • Amedtec EKG is compatible with Geratherm systems

Schiller - Ganshorn

Logo-schiller (klein)2.jpg

  • SRM Ergometer is compatible to Schiller (EKG) SW
  • The software isn´t able to note the actual load


Logo-ZAN (klein).jpg

  • The protocol of the ZAN system is able to control the SRM Ergometer


Custo EKG

Logo-customed (klein).jpg

  • SRM Ergometer is compatible with Custo EKG (serial port [ergoline 900L])