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The maintenance of the SRM - ergometer is a prerequisite to obtain exact performance data over longer periods. Therefore, we recommend to perform the calibration or to check the settings before each measurement.

PowerMeter battery

After about 1800 hours of operation time the battery of the PowerMeter should be changed. For that you need to send the PowerMeter and PowerControl to us. At the same time as the replacement of the batteries, the PowerMeter and PowerControl will be checked and recalibrated.

Replace pedals, handlebar, saddle, crank, PowerMeter and chain ring

Pedals, handlebars, saddles can be replaced with a conventional tool by the user. When replacing the cranks, make sure that the 5 fixing screws of the crank axis - PowerMeter and the fixing screw crank - are tightened firmly after a successful replacement.

The chainring bolts, approx. 8 - 10 Nm, tighten the crank to the bottom bracket axle with approx. 40 Nm. The slope of the PowerMeter does not change by doing this. The zero point must be reset after assembly. It should also be inspected more often at the beginning, when the screws are still set during operation and the zero point can change as a result.

When using a different PowerMeter, the corresponding new slope (output signal of the PowerMeter in Hz / Nm) must be entered in the SRMWin software.

If a chainring with a different number of teeth (standard 53) is used on the PowerMeter, the SRMWin software must change the gear ratio to obtain the desired tread frequency in the tests (SRM - Online - Options - Extra - Gearing Isokinetic Mode).


The parts with the greatest wear are the chain and the drive pinion. With frequent changes of the chain of the sprocket wear is correspondingly lower. The chain should be exchanged for a new one every 500 hours. Therefore it is necessary that the right cover of the ergometer is removed. It is fixed with six 5mm allen screws. After that, the chain can be opened with a riveting tool and replaced with a new one. In this case, it is also possible to reset or check the indexing of the circuit. In 4th gear both red marks shift the lever and must be towards the hub. During operation time, make sure that the chain does not run dry and is always sufficiently lubricated with oil or grease.

Care of the ergometer housing

The ergometer housing should be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Definitely do not use a strong solvent such as acetone or nitro-dilution. In particular, the perspiration of the athletes should always be wiped off after the end of the exercise. Likewise, the bars should always be lubricated to saddle and handlebar adjustment sufficiently with grease.

Maintenance intervals

Components Service Recommended period
SRM - Crank and PowerControl
  • Battery replacement and calibration of the PowerMeter
  • PowerMeter battery replacement and checking of the PowerControl VI
  • Every 2 years
  • The SRM crank and the PowerControl must be sent to us for service.
Complete Ergometer
  • Battery change, calibration SRM crank and PowerControl
  • Service Rohloff (Oil change, etc.)
  • Check gear, bearings and flywheels
  • General test connections and cables
  • Check mechanical components. Clamp lever, seat post, saddle strut, steering strut, -and support
  • Replacement/Replacement parts (chainrings, chain, handlebar, possibly saddle, etc.)
  • Complete restoration of the ergometer
  • Optimal sandblasting and new powder coating (depending on the condition of the ergometer)
  • Optional upgrade for Windows Torque analysis Torque Analyse
  • Every 4 years
  • The ergometer including all cables and power supply must be sent to us for the 4-year service
  • We recommend to send the ergometer to us in a sealed box
  • The costs depend on the extent of the necessary repairs; A cost estimate will be drawn up upon receipt and examination of the ergometer