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Seating position

What are the possibilities to the seat post?

Names at the seatpost

The names at the seat post can be found on the attached photo. If you need spare parts to the seat post, please leave us the correct names including the year of construction of the SRM ergometer.

If you have purchased a new saddle brace from us, you will receive the attached rulers from us. You would have to glue them yourself, so we can use your reference mass on your ergometer, e.g. Between the bottom bracket and the tip of the saddle.

What are the possibilities to the seat position?

The SRM ergometer allows individual adjustment of the athlete's sitting position. They can be adjusted individually by changing the position of the steering column, seat post and crank length.

The scaling of the seat post represents the distance from the center of the bottom bracket bearing to the seat tip. The following table shows the spans of the handlebar and saddle, the reference point is the center of the bottom bracket.

Name Direction of movement Range
Saddle horizontal -15cm - 10cm
vertical 60cm - 85cm
Handlebar horizontal 35cm - 60cm
vertical 45cm - 65cm

Is possible to put on the ergo a seat post rail for carbon saddles?

Yes, you can change the upper part, the standard aluminum 27,2 mm bicycle seat post to a version for oval carbon rails.


Why do I here noise during cycling?

  • Socket wrenches are not tight enough on the lengthenable cranks.
  • Ergometer is not on a flat surface.


Is the Ergometer software compatible with Windows 10?

Yes the software should be working with Windows 10 but there were some cases in which it did not. When connecting a new device to the system, Windows tries to automatically install a corresponding driver and update its version in future using Windows Update. In most cases, this approach is optimal as it guarantees installation of actual driver versions checked by Microsoft. In some cases, however, a user deliberately uses old driver versions and does not want them to be updated automatically by the system. It is possible to prevent this be turning off the driver updates in Windows 10: Driver updates Windows

Why do I get an incorrect display of speed?

The speed is not displayed or is displayed incorrectly. Solutions:

  • Set the Circumference to 1000 in the SRM ergometer software (Settings/Ergometer).
  • The light barrier in the gearbox measures the speed of the eddy current brake. If the light barrier is dirty or displaced due to the Vibarions, it must be cleaned and re-aligned.